Y9 History & Music

by Lara BEALE and Keely BURTON

Hi, we are both year 9 students and here is a post about 2 of our lessons. Hopefully you find this post interesting as there will be more lessons to follow soon to help you gain an insight as to what happens in our lessons at Durrington High School.



To begin our Wednesday morning, we had History with Mr. Runeckles. This term we have been studying  WW2. Also recently we have been looking at Hitler and the Nazis party and their involvement in WW1 and WW2 and more particularly Dunkirk.


In history, we both really enjoy the class discussions as everyone participates and add point to the discussion and we really enjoy that about not only history but every lesson we have. After we do our class discussion we go on to doing work in our book. While doing so our teacher, is happy to help with anything and answer any of our questions. We also like this as it gives us the opportunity to ask questions we wouldn’t necessarily want to share aloud with the class, this saves any embarrassment.


At the end of the lesson we always have great results due to great learning. Overall we love learning about WW2 in history as we have learned something we would could never of imagined happened.



Next, we had music with Miss. Maughan. In music this term we are working on our own compositions on the piano in pairs. So far, we have learned chords, a bass line and on top of all that a melody. Personally to us, music is one of our favourite subjects 🙂

In music we like learning and experimenting with different melodies and chords and see what goes well with each other. As well as this there are practise rooms in which we love working in as it seems very professional. Our teacher, Miss. Maughan, is supportive and encouraging and she knows how to motivate us.

As a result of music everyone’s piano and other music skills have improved immensely.

We love music so much that we are excited about our next music lesson already!

One thought on “Y9 History & Music

  1. Well done Lara and Keely, you managed to capture some very informative (and flattering for the teachers) pictures of your lessons. Nice to see you learn so many new things at the school and seem to enjoy it a lot. Look forward to reading your nest post 🙂

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