Photography Club

Bradley Humphries


In photography club you get a chance to use first hand top of the range cameras and at the same time learn how to use them. All famous people started off some were and this could be our chance, we could be the next famous photographers! During these sessions, we get a chance to use the really good cameras but also high quality equipment such as lighting, props and more! Furthermore we have our teacher, Mr Paul who can tell you from experience, not just from a book or the internet, anything you need to know aout photography. I don’t know about you but I learn by someone showing me in real life and not just a YouTube video!

We also have a structured routine in the club, so one week is dedicated to going taking top quality photos, sometimes we use props such as food and mobile phones dropped into a tank of water and sometimes we go out and take shots around the school. We suaully shoot in RAW format instead of jpg and this hold much more information in the image which gives you much better quality to edit with. The next week is usually editing them on a pro photo package called Adobe Photoshop. You also get great advice from Mr Paul who is always there to help! While doing this you can edit and share your amazing photos! Below is some images we took on our “low key” session.

Over all and in my opinion photography club is really good at giving you opportunities to explore your favorite style of photography and loads more! I would say to anyone and everyone, you need to come along and join in, the sessions are after school in U09T on a Tuesday. In January we are going to be making short films, making use of Mr Paul’s green screen, can’t wait 🙂


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