Computing Y9

Neau Standing

In this segment of computing this year we have been looking into music festivals and what is needed to create our own festival. We have been using various types of software to create spreadsheets, business letters, logos, and tickets. This week we have been designing our posters for our festival, here are a few photographs of students working on their work:


Throughout this term we have learnt new skills and new programs with new tools, we have used Adobe a lot and the software we use is used by professionals such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. This has expanded our knowledge and we know that different software is used for different tasks, for example, Illustrator could be used to create a logo and Photoshop for the ticket.  Also, when working on the project given by Mr Paul, we have always tried our hardest to do our best and to produce our best work. If you put a lot of effort in to your work, the work you produce is always really good and something to be proud of. Throughout the lesson people are quiet and working hard on their posters; we get work done and enjoy computing lessons. During this 2 lesson project, Mr Paul let us listen to music whilst we worked on our posters to help with some inspiration, the class is in absolute silence and everyone is creating some really good posters. Looking forward to January and our new project which involves some programming.