Form Time

by Lara BEALE and Keely BURTON

If you are planning on coming to our amazing school, it is a good thing to have an idea on how it works with regards to form time where you do registration. Form time is done first thing in the morning from 8.40am to 9.05am and afternoon 2pm to 2.10pm.


In form time at our school, we have different activities to do with our form tutor. Each company has a different rota, we are in Da Vinci so our weekly timetable is:

* Monday = 4P check

* Tuesday = 4P and litter (week 2 only) and tutor lead activity

* Wednesday = 4P and DEAR

* Thursday = 4P and Assembly

* Friday = 4P check

The 4P check is checking you have you pen, pencil, planner and paperback book (also your calculator)

DEAR time is dedicated time to reading your paperback book in silence.

When you go to Durrinton High School you get separated into different forms in different companies with different company leaders. There are 7 different companies, these companies are, Da Vinci (purple), Hawkin(pink), Roddick(green), Franklin(white), Shelly(gold), Mercator(blue) and Coubertin(red). The colour represents the colour of your seahorses on your tie. Each one has their own assembly on different days. As you saw above Da Vinci has assembly every Thursday.

We all have form tutor who you see every morning and every afternoon. Our form tutor is Mr.Ramasami (SME), he is very humorous and loves a laugh. We always have fun in our form and in every form class throughout the school has a form tutor who is their for the good and the worst times in your high school experience. Your form tutor is always around to help you should you need it and if possible, you have the same tutor from Year 7 all the way through to Year 11 which is a nice thing to have.

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