Science Y7

By Chloe Holmes

In Science we are learning about Space and all the other planets that are also in our solar system.

In this lesson we are learning about planets and we have some data that we have used to put together some work.


Our Science teacher is called Mr Downs which is teaching us in this picture. In this lesson we had to draw a table down into our books. After that, we wrote key facts that where on the board. There were 6 facts that we needed to write in our books, facts that were really interesting. Next we had to think about, What planet would you go to, why and what would you take with you? There where some really interesting answers in the lesson.

Here are some students working and at the same time having fun and learning about planets. This is such an interesting subject when you get to learn about all the other planets picture2

Here is some work that some students have produced during lesson. We are always proud of our work we do in the lessons, Amazing or what?


One thought on “Science Y7

  1. Dear Chloe
    A super blog and lovely to hear how inspired you are by science. I can see the pride you and others have in your learning keep up the good work.
    Ms Marooney

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