Abdul Matin Y7


First in the lesson, our teacher Mr Down explained to the class how to look at 3D shape in a way that showed us the shapes plan and elevation. The whole class understood the explanation very well and the teacher left us to get on with the work. Some people that didn’t get the explanation were talked to one on one with the teacher so they could get a better understanding of what we were learning. This is something the teachers do a lot to help you out if you do not understand something.


Here is a picture of my book that shows my work from the that lesson. If you look to the left of the book you can see some coloured writing. The coloured writing is a rule or a piece of information that tells you how a particular parts of maths work which can be useful when revising for future tests. To the right of the page was some work that Mr Down gave the class to do. As you can see I got all the questions right like most people in my maths class. I am sure you will agree, a tick in a book is always a nice thing to see 🙂


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