Evening at The West End

Lara Beale & Keely Burton


On Monday 30th January (INSET day) some students from all year groups came to school for a rehearsal for Durrington High School’s amazing end of year production of ‘Evening at the West End’. With Mrs Isham (Head of Performing Arts) being the Producer and Miss. Maughan (Music Teacher) being the Musical Director. In this fantastic show the students present three different West End shows, these being Matilda, Grease and The Phantom of the Opera. The show is already looking superb because of all the hard work and effort the students have put into the show over the last few weeks after school and in their spare time on their INSET day. I know Durrington High School is going to live up to expectations and create yet another exceptdrama2ional performance!


The show itself takes place between Tuesday 4th – Thursday 6th April 2017, so please feel free to purchase tickets and show your support of Durrington High School’s performing arts department. In the show the students show off their unique talents of singing, dancing, acting and more. Everyone involved has worked so hard on this performance and we all hope it is a huge success.


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