Meet A Teacher – Mr Ramasami

Lara Beal & Keeley Burton

This week on the school blog we are presenting a new section which is when we question teachers so we can all get to know them a bit more. This week we have interviewed Mr Ramasami. (an SME teacher)


Here is what he said:

Q1. What interests you in the subject you teach and why did you want to teach it?

“I like the idea of helping students become more connected to the people around them. I believe SME is the perfect lesson for doing it.”

Q2. How long have you wanted to be a teacher and how long have you been teaching?

“I’ve been teaching since I was 24 so that means I have been doing this for 170 years (not a typo!). I wanted to make a difference, it made a difference for me.”

Q3. Is teaching your first major profession?

“Yes, it is.”

Q4. Do you have any advice for people who want to or are doing your subject as a GCSE?

“Hang in there kids. It will soon be over and you can start smiling again.”

Q5. Do you see yourself continuing being a teacher in the future?

“I do”

Q6. How do you try to make your lessons interesting for students who may not have have an interest in your subject you teach?

“When planning my lessons, I try to prepare things like a good chef; quality materials, a bit of enthusiasm and gas mark 5 for twenty minutes.”

Q7. What inspired you to start teaching?

“Meeting other teachers who were great people.”

Q8. What other things do you do to improve/help our school be better in your spare time? (E.g. clubs, extra-curricular activities etc.)

“I have only been here this year so far, so watch this space.”


One thought on “Meet A Teacher – Mr Ramasami

  1. Great post, this is a great idea to get to know more about the teachers of the school. Looks like Mr Ramasami will have to get some practice in if he is to beat Miss Maughan in a race to school on his bike (motorized!)

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