Meet a Teacher – Mr Paul


Lara Beale & Keely Burton

This week on the school blog we interviewed Mr Paul (Computing Teacher). Here is what he said:

Q: What interests you in the subject you teach and why did you want to teach it?

“I have been interested in computers since I was 14 years of age when I was given my first computer, to be able to write my name on a screen and have the computer say my name was amazing to me. Throughout my life I have used computers and programming to help me get through life, when I left the army I wanted to learn to fly an aeroplane, to be able to pay for lessons I wrote some flight planning software which enabled me to gain my PPL licence”
 Q: How long have you wanted to be a teacher and how long have you been teaching?
“I wanted to become a teacher when I volunteered to be a parent helper at my children’s school when they where in Y2 and Y4. I was going to become a primary school teacher but ended up going for computing and media in Sixth Form, later on, I changed my career to teaching Secondary School.”
Q: Is teaching you first major profession?
“No, my first job was in the Army in the Royal Engineers, I did that job for 6 years, then became a fitness instructor for 1o years and then a fitness centre manager for 6 years”
 Q: Do you have any advice for people who want to or are doing your subject for a gcse?
“Computing is not just sitting at a computer and programming for hours on end, its about problem solving and giving yourself a good base knowledge that will only help you in the future, in the years to come, many jobs will be replaced by computers and robots, someone needs to program them, why not make that person you?”
 Q: Do you see yourself continuing being a teacher in the future?
“I believe so, I really enjoy what I do. I am not one to say “never” and always keep my options open, but at this time , i have no intention of looking for a different job.”
 Q: How do you try to make your lessons interesting for students who may not have an interest in your subject you teach?
I create interesting resources and use my “acting skills” to create some interesting videos. I would like to say that I am an actor that has skills 2nd to none, my daughter has told me not to give up my day job.”
 Q: What inspired you to start teaching?
“My son and daughter’s Y4 teacher. She was such an inspiration to watch and she clearly loved what she did. In the 6 years I knew her, she turned down the opportunity of 2 promotions because she just wanted to teach children 100% of the time.”
Q: What other things do you do to improve/ help our school be better in your spare time? (E.g. Clubs, extra curricular activities etc.)
“Photography and Film Club, Study 6 to help some students with homework, and general catchup sessions when ever students want/need it.”

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