Meet a Teacher – Mrs Isham

Mrs Isham – Drama Teacher

Q1. What interests you in the subject youEIs teach and why did you want to teach it?

“I have always been interested in theatre right from the beginning. It’s always been a passion and hobby of mine. So it’s really interesting and exciting that I can pass my hobby onto other young people of today.”

Q2. How long have you wanted to be a teacher and how long have you been teaching?

“I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was about 16, I am quite old (!) and have been teaching at the school for 15 years and I taught for 2 and a half years before that so I’ve been teaching for about 18 years now.”

Q3. Is teaching your first major profession?

“Yes, teaching is indeed my first major profession.”

Q4. Do you have any advice for people who want to or are doing your subject as a GCSE?

“Just enjoy it; work hard, try hard and you won’t go wrong!”

Q5. Do you see yourself continuing being a teacher in the future?

“Yes, I can’t see myself doing anything else.”

Q6. How do you try to make your lessons interesting for students who may not have an interest in your subject you teach?

“I try to choose really relevant, interesting topics and concepts so that even if students aren’t enjoying the performance aspect they’ll still be learning something about the wider world within my lessons.”

Q7. What inspired you to start teaching?

“Throughout my life I’ve had lots and lots of inspirational teachers and I suppose it was them who inspired me to want to make a difference to students just as they have made a difference to me!”

Q8. What other things do you do to improve/help our school be better in your spare time? (E.g. clubs, extra-curricular activities etc.)

“I feel like within my subjects it is a necessity to provide extracurricular, so obviously Rock Challenge is one of my biggest highlights of the school calendar, we do really really well and have been really successful in that. I also enjoy creating and working on musical productions, concerts, and cabaret evenings. I try to do as much extracurricular as I can, to give as many children as possible an opportunity to perform.

You can see more info on the Rock Challenge journey by clicking on this link: 

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