Computing – Stem Week

blog1This week in computing we got to use the micro:bit computers. These are tiny little computers that have 2 buttons on them and some LED lights that light up. Our first task was to create a program that could make the micro:bit make a smiley face when button a was pressed and a sad face when button b was pressed. Once we created the program, it could then be down loaded to the micro:bit that was attached to our computers.

Blog 2The next task was to create a compass, the micro:bit has a compass built in and was able to work out which way was north. We had to make the code that told the micro:bit what angle was north, east south and west. Some of us, also managed to make it show North East, South East, South West and North West.


Once we did this, we were allowed to go online to the micro:bit website and choose our own program to code. Some of us chose to make a rock paper scissors game where you shake the micro:bit and it chose your shape to show at random, a few students also made a score system that let you know how many points you had.

On Thursday we got to show parents and guests to the school what we had been doing in the STEM classes. One of the stands was about our computing lessons, we had pictures showing students working, there were students programming and we had a table full of working micro:bits that were attached to battery packs which students had programmed.

Most people liked the “rock paper scissor” game, the compass feature and finally the love meter where you got to see how much two people loved each other, this gave a random answer, but was still good fun.


We can’t wait to this again, it has been a really good fun week.

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