Science in STEM week

Lara BEALE and Keely BURTON

This week we are blogging about our science class with Mr. Canavan. Due to it being STEM week (science technology engineering and maths) we have been having a week of building a little car in groups.


In science we have all been working hard to build unique and moving mini cars. The objective of this was to see which car could go farthest down the court with a Barbie doll in it.

In our class we had a wide range of ideas for cars, some being a watering can for the build, a corn flakes box and one group even decided to try using a coke and mentos for the power!


By the end of the week we had a competition to test out our cars and, as a matter of fact, ours won! We were very proud and really enjoyed STEM week as a whole as we did things like this in other subjects like, maths, computing and geography. We can’t wait for it to come around again next year.


However, in a normal science lesson we love both practical and academic work as our teacher makes it interesting as we have massive class discussions, which is where Sir answers all the questions we have. We feel that science is a very difficult and challenging subject which really tests us to our limits, but we also think it is a quite creative subject where you can explore different things to an extent where only your imagination can take you. 


In our overall opinion science is an interesting class which we really enjoy leaning about and we both can’t wait to study it over the next few years!

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