Computing Y7

Skye and Chloe

In computing this term we have been learning about the process to make a game. We started off by planning our game and learning about target audience and what made a game a good game. We then started to learn about flow charts and how they help a programmer plan what they need to do and how they’re going to do it. We used a piece of software called Flowol.

In this program you can program traffic lights, a baby mobile, a zebra crossing, a light house and the big wheel.


For our last assessment we had to program a train set, by using flow charts. The test was actually good fun as you had to make the train start and stop, turn on lights in a tunnel, make red lights flash when train came near and drop the barrier when going over the crossing.


This half term we are using Kodu, where you can create your own world and make your own game. You can make different worlds and levels (you can have more than one level which is cool).

We have had to plan and design it, program it and decorate it however we like. Some of us have done a pick up a coin or apple game and some of us a racing game. To make the game harder we have added enemies into the game and a timer. If the timer gets to 0 the game is over. There are so many different objects in Kodu that nobodies Kodu game looks the same. All of these games have been created by programming building up different blocks as a process to create an end product or output.

Next lesson we will be getting the chance to test each other’s games, we are really looking forward to seeing how well people manage to play our game and get feedback for what we could do to improve our game and appeal to a wider target audience.

Kodu is free, so if you want to try it out go to to download a copy.

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