By Beth Humphrey and Saffron Foley

This term we have been working on ‘The Show’, as part of this we have had to make a logo, a banner and a website and now we are currently making a seat booking system for a theatre production or show.  We used Photoshop to create our logo and banner. This allowed us to review and improve as the file could be changed if it needed to be, when completed we then saved the files as a jpg or gif file.  If we saved it as a gif file it was because the image was animated and this is the way you save an animated file to ensure it moves when you want it to.


Here is an animated banner we made, the letters come up on the banner as it goes through the scenes and some of the stars grow bigger and smaller

The booking system is where customers can choose what seats they want to purchase. In the beginning we were confused about the basics of booking systems, but now we understand some of the more complicated uses and we had to think about different pricing strategies for different aged customers.

Scratch is known best for playing games but we have used it for business like reasons. We have used scratch because it is a very good program to use when you want to show something visual on the screen. Below is the finished program for a booking system.


You basically drop blocks onto the screen which are colour coded depending on what the command does, our favorite is the character at the beginning who asks how many tickets do you want to buy.


Our teacher Mr Paul, mentioned to us in the lesson that when we leave the school and start our own business, we will be able to use these skills to help with our business. I can see that knowing how to make logos and websites will be great as we will not have to pay someone to do it meaning more money for pizza for us!

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