Computing Champions

What  do the computing champions do?

Hello! We are computing champions and our job is to help you when you don’t know what to do or how to do it. We are all friendly and supportive and will help you with whatever you need in and outside of lessons, so if you need or want to know anything, just ask! We have a wide range of knowledge about computing and internet safety.

We know how to use lots of software and apps, but here are the things that we specialblog 6ise in: Kodu, micro:bit, Flowol, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and much, much more.

We know a lot about the internet and social media safety, and how to stop viruses getting onto your computer! We know how to use Kodu in great detail from making Kodu move to changing the time of day when you touch an item.


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We also know a lot about micro:bit, like how to make a magic 8 ball, or truth or dare. We also know a lot about computer safety, such as how to prevent a virus getting on your computer. To do this you should use anti-virus software and a firewall on your computer, and have a very secure password for your computer.


If you need help in your Computing lessons then just ask your Computing Champion.


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