Been at Durrington a while now.


Joining Durrington High School is a great opportunity to be a part of something special, when we started here it was a bit scary, but now we have settled in, I thought I would tell you how it feels now. Whilst you are here you will learn loads of things that are not always necessarily educational, such as how to respond to big crowds and “going beyond your best” (which plays a big part at Durrington.) Life at DHS can be very daunting when you first start here, if you put in as much effort as you can though, you’ll find that within weeks you notice how the quality of your work starts to improve. Once you have been at the school for a few weeks you’ll be more confident and ready to learn. Getting lost can be scary but you will enjoy your time here, just like everyone else has and will. My first few weeks experience soon started to feel amazing and is even more so now, the staff are so welcoming. Personally, my favourite lesson is computing because you learn loads of fantastic, wonderful stuff and I have always loved computers at a young age. The teacher is so knowledgeable and just loves his subject, he is always smiling and spends time talking to you in class as well as in the hallway if he happens to pass by you. If you are planning on joining this school, I really do hope you learn to love Durrington, try your absolute hardest every day and “go beyond your best”, just like my friends and I have. So looking forward to our future.

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