By Melania Midgley and Ruby O’Hara

At Primary school, we were always proud of our English and felt we did well in the lessons but when we got to Durrington they push us to go beyond our best, when we think we have done the best we can, the teacher shows how to improve even more. As far as we are concerned, English is one of the best subjects in Durrington high school, every fortnight we have grammar and library.  We have a whole section of the school devoted to English, the area is very big which is nice when you go into the lessons, there is lots of space to wait for the teacher when we are waiting to get into the classroom and many exciting pieces of work on the walls.

One of our lessons with the English teacher is grammar, developing a good knowledge in grammar helps us put together sentences and helps to improve the way we talk to each other. In grammar lessons we learn about commas, adverbs, similes and metaphors. Grammar is every other Friday for us and it is so much fun! In library, we learn how the library works, where books are, and we find what type of books we like, this happens every other Wednesday.

This term we have been learning about poems such as: the ballad of charlotte diamond, timothy winters and the pied piper of Hamlin. We all agree that we have had an amazing time. The poem I enjoyed the most was the pied piper of Hamlin. The best bit was when we read about the rats.

blackoutWe have also done black out poetry which was also very fun. To create a blackout poem, you begin by scanning an old book’s pages for words or phrases you find interesting. You don’t need to know why, and when you start, it’s best to have no goal. After you’ve done this with a number of pages, you can pick a page that you especially like and begin blacking out the words that don’t interest you, leaving only those that work together to express a story, a thought, or a feeling that you probably didn’t even know you had in your mind. I did my black out poetry from a copy of the book, Alice in Wonderland.

We are looking forward to seeing what we are doing next, the English teachers always make this lesson fun, they obviously love the subject and are constantly challenging us to do well in the subject.