Share blogging

Share-blogging is a concept that we are currently trialling at Durrington High School.  We have been blogging within school now for a couple of months and as you will see, our posts range from a Business Lesson blogged by year 8 students to the school Christmas Fayre blogged by our Head Boy.  We are constantly trying to develop and innovate our ideas for the blog and we’re looking to develop relationships with other schools who are interested in blogging.

This would involve the following; students from our school creating resources for either part of a lesson or a short activity for students at your school, this could be for any subject and any year group from year 8-11.  Students from Durrington would post on our blog what students from your school need to learn by the end of the lesson, some information about the topic and how they should complete the activities.  Students then complete these resources and post them on their blog for marking and checking.  This can be done vice versa and can be adapted if you and your school would like to try this concept in any way.

We are interested in setting this up with other secondary schools and sharing our blog further, so if you’re interested in getting involved in this exciting and innovative venture whether you’re from a school in this country or not, we would be interested in hearing from you, please get in contact with Chloe Gardner –


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