We have been Quad-blogging for a few weeks now with 2 Schools in Texas & 1 from Leeds; Navasota Junior High School, Episcopal School of Dallas and The South Leeds Academy and it has been a great success!!

We have welcomed many new followers to the blog and have had many visitors to our blog from all over the world, from Sri Lanka to Ireland, New Zealand to America and we are so pleased to receive your feedback and comments on work that students are doing. It has been a real confidence boost to them and they love reading what others think about their work.

The comments we have received from students in America have been great conversation starters in lessons and have really got students thinking about what they’re doing in lessons and why they’re doing it. It allows students to become independent reflective thinkers, something that is highly encouraged here.

We try to blog about a range of subjects, topics and whole school events from Durrington High School, but if there’s anything else you would like us to blog about, please let us know.

DHS student bloggers & Mrs Gardner

New page added today!

Please see the new page added to our blog today regarding share blogging.  We are interested in building relationships with other schools and using innovative technologies in lessons to engage and motivate students.

Read the share blogging page for contact details and more information on how you and your school can get involved, spread the word and help us to innovate the way students learn!

Mrs Gardner – ICT and Business Teacher