Duke of Edinburgh Award

On Saturday 29th April some year 9 students participated in their Duke of Edinburgh practise hike. The students met in Amberly, early on the Saturday morning, got into their set groups of between 5 to 6 and then hiked to Yapton, where they set up camp for the night.

This required the groups to pitch their own tents and with the rations they had carried in their backpacks, cooked themselves a hot meal using their trangia which is a type of portable cooker and pan. Some groups prepared themselves a hot pasta dish, while other groups experimented with other foods, such as sausages, frankfurters, bacon and even haribos. They all enjoyed their delicious (well in some cases peculiar) dishes and sat round the campfire, before getting a good night’s rest.


Thankfully the weather stayed dry because they had an early start on Sunday, keen to get back to hiking as early as they could due to the weather forecast being rain that day. The happy campers cupped their selves some drinks and a breakfast, which consisted of porridge, bacon and eggs. After breakfast all campers had to get ready for the tasks ahead, all the groups had set off by 9am which gave them a good start to the day. During the course of the day they left Yapton and needed to get to Eartham before the dreaded rain caught up with them. Luckily for 4 out of the 6 groups, they made it to the goal before the rain came. However, unluckily for 2 of the 6 groups, the rain caught them before they got to the assigned finish point for that day, they got absolutely drenched!

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