Meet A Teacher – Miss Maughan

Lara Beale & Keely Burton

This week on the school blog we are presenting a new section which is when we question teachers and get to know them a bit. This week we have also interviewed Miss. Maughan, music teacher. Here is what she said:


Q1. What interests you in the subject you teach and why did you want to teach it?

“I’ve always been interested in performing arts and when I was at school I was involved in a lot of music, drama and art. When I went to University I decided to focus on music because I feel like music is inclusive for all and it allows everyone to be involved and have a go. Whoop, whoop!”

Q2. How long have you wanted to be a teacher and how long have you been teaching for?

“I’ve been a teacher for 9 years but I only wanted to be one for 11 because I really wanted to work in prisons but I thought if I couldn’t handle secondary schools I couldn’t handle prisons.”

Q3. Is teaching your first major profession?

“Teaching is my first major profession. YES!”

Q4. Do you have any advice for people who want to or are doing your subject for a GCSE?

“Practice makes perfect!”

Q5. Do you see yourself continuing being a teacher in the future?

“Yes I do, but who knows what life will bring?”

Q6. How do you try to make your lessons interesting for students who may not have an interest in your subject you teach?

“I try to go for the genre that everybody likes and that’s mainly pop music, I try to find ways of getting that involved in the music. Whoo hoo!”

Q7. What inspired you to start teaching?

“I just want to say thanks to my Mum, because she’s my biggest inspiration. I just can’t believe how far I got, without her I wouldn’t be where I am today. Oh, and I like to thank my dog too.”

Q8. What other things do you do to improve/ help our school be better in your spare time? (E.g. Clubs, extra-curricular activities etc.)

“I do quite a lot of different clubs around the school like Choir, samba band. But right now I’m working with Miss Isham on our amazing production of Evening at the West End, which you should totally see in April. I also cycle with a helmet and a brightly coloured coat to promote healthy living whilst doing a daily 8 mile cycle round trip between home and school. I would also like to point out that I recently raced Mr. Ramasami into the school and I beat him, he even had a motor on his bike. Yeah!”

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